Thursday, June 18, 2015

Cool Garage Ideas

I love sites like this! Amazing pictures of garage design ideas.  There are loads of cool garage ideas, the garage paint colors really pop and there are some amazing garage color schemes and combinations.  It makes me want to take out a paintbrush and get to work right now!  I don’t even know where to start, I think the picture at is my favorite and what a car as well!  Red is such a powerful garage wall color. 

I should probably stop reading this site; I’m going to end up redecorating over and over again.  I’m even more confused about what color to paint garage. There are some really sharp images.  The orange on grey and blue on black check patterns are pretty sweet.  Not to mention the sports cars, wow.

These houses are impressive; they’ve got a lot of space to play with.  I believe you can get some garage kits such as Menard garages kits or Lowes garage kits which would take a lot of work out of the process and speed things up.  Even if you just had a shed to refurbish I’m sure some of the garage wall colors would work on wood.

Anyway, that’s enough raving, if you want some garage wall paint ideas check out these cool garage paint ideas!

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